Desguin Quartet plays Benoit

Es ist noch nicht alles verloren!

In the Wuppertal station, above the door of the lost property service, the mesmerizing German sentence “Es ist noch nicht alles verloren!” is written. With this in mind, one of Belgium’s finest classical music festivals is working towards its 2021 edition. As part of the upcoming line-up, we’re happy to have recorded the promovideo with them, bringing a message of hope with Debussy String Quartet in G Minor opus 10.

Schubert is dood, leve Schubert!

On the 19th of November 1828, Franz Schubert died in Vienna only aged 31 years old. In collaboration with Radio Klara, Desguin Quartet pays homage to the great composer. 

As our 2-year residency at the SWUK Foundation was reaching its end, we decided to work towards our first official release. As Schubert is one of those composerswhere we feel particularly affiliated to, we went on to record his 10th String Quartet in E-flat major. We’re thrilled to share the result, which is now available on all major platforms!  We would like to extend our gratitude to SWUK Foundation, M Museum Leuven, ARCO MUSIC & Klara

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