Desguin Kwartet wins SUPERNOVA competition

After a pre-selection based on submitted video material, a semifinal in Beeldenstorm Anderlecht and an extremely exciting final in BOZAR’s Chamber Music Hall, we’re delighted to have won the SUPERNOVA chamber music competition, as well as the audience award. The jury particularly praised our performance of Stravinsky’s ‘Trois Pieces’ and Lekeu’s ‘Molto Adagio Sempre Cantate Doloroso’, stating that our joy of playing was contagious and the level of playing was exemplary for the next generation of classical musicians. It was such a pleasure to see so many familiar faces in the audience.

After working very hard with the quartet for the past few years with great mentors such as the Alban Berg Quartet, the Danel Quartet and the Zemlinsky Quartet, this award truly marks the next step for our ensemble. We’re delighted to share our tour dates for the next season in the near future.

‘Verlaine’ tour announcement

The ‘In Flanders Fields’ was so well received by the public and the cultural centers that we decided to create a new project with the same group. As the title suggest, the performance will revolve around the renowned character Paul Verlaine:

In 1884, an anthology compiled by Paul Verlaine was published with the name ‘Les poètes maudits’ or ‘Misunderstood’ poets. This album included work by himself, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé among others. Why these poets were viewed as ‘outcasts’ might have something to do with the topics they wrote about and the lifestyle they upheld: drugs, alcohol abuse, free love, satanism, crime, sinful life, illness, perversions and fatal self-destructive behavior.

Spit out by society, but embraced by fellow artists, Verlaine’s poetry was picked up and used very intensively in late 19th and early 20th century French music. Composers such as Claude Debussy and Gabriel Fauré were in contact with Verlaine during their lives and had a great affinity with his writings.

The wildly fascinating story of ‘Verlaine’ can’t remain untold, and we can’t wait to bring it to the audiences. Stefaan Degand will take on the role of this ‘poète maudit’, accompanied by Werner Van Mechelen (baritone), Florestan Bataillie (piano) and Desguin Kwartet.
Tour dates:
12/09/2020: Concert ‘Verlaine’ in ‘église de St-Jalle’ (FR)
13/09/2020: Concert ‘Verlaine’ in ‘salle polyvalente de Pujaut’ (FR)
20/09/2020: Voorstelling ‘Verlaine’ in De Bijloke (Gent)
24/09/2020: Voorstelling ‘Verlaine’ in CC Den Blank (Overijse)
26/09/2020: Voorstelling ‘Verlaine’ in CC Blankenberge
03/10/2020: Voorstelling ‘Verlaine’ in CC Westrand (Dilbeek)
10/10/2020: Voorstelling ‘Verlaine’ in Sint-Anna-ten Drieënkerk (Antwerpen)
23/10/2020: Voorstelling ‘Verlaine’ in CC Knokke
25/10/2020: Voorstelling ‘Verlaine’ in CC Het Spoor (Harelbeke)

Avi Schönfeld Sonata for cello and piano

Wonderful news for us as the internationally renowned composer Avi Schönfeld just finished writing his new cello sonata for the upcoming Pohádka project. It goes without saying that it’s a  tremendous honor that this sonata is officially dedicated to us. Schönfelds style of composing reminds us of his former teachers such as Nadia Boulanger and Alexandre Tansman and has a very unique poetic quality to it that’s perfectly suited for the project. We can’t wait to bring it to the audience. Since the sonata really appeals to our duo, we’re currently negotiating the possibility of recording the piece in the future. Stay tuned!

More info about the composer: